What does Kultti do?

Kultti operates nationally and diversely, promoting the position of its member publications, freedom of speech, and a pluralistic society. There are approximately 160 members with a combined readership of hundreds of thousands of thoughtful and curious individuals.

Advocacy and membership activities

Kultti advances the position of its member publications in various ways. We safeguard the interests of the publications, acting as experts in legislative processes, maintaining connections with national and international entities in the publishing industry. We offer services, training, marketing channels for the publications, and organize the ”Quality Cultural Magazine of the Year” competition. Read more about our membership benefits here in Finnish.

Kulttilehdet.fi website and single-issue sales network

Kultti maintains the Kulttilehdet website, allowing easy access to explore and subscribe to the cult’s member publications. Additionally, under the Kulttilehdet brand, there is a network for single-issue sales.


Kultti at Helsinki Book fair 2023

Kultti participates in various events extensively, aiming for a nationwide presence whenever possible. You can find the cult at least annually at the Helsinki Book Fair. We gladly collaborate with various entities, including other associations and libraries. Occasionally, we organize exhibitions, discussion sessions, and seminars either as standalone events or part of larger event series.

Cultural magazine galleries in Helsinki and Oulu

Kultti operates two Cultural Magazine Galleries: one established in 2006 at Kaapelitehdas in Helsinki and another in 2015 at Kulttuuritalo Valve in Oulu. Visitors can read the latest issues of member publications at these galleries during their opening hours. The spaces are open to everyone. These galleries also host various programs. At the Kaapelitehdas gallery, located at Konttori, the latest issues of Kultti and Tidskriftscentralen member publications are displayed. The Oulu selection is updated at the gallery by the Oulu Comics Society maintaining the Oulu Sarjakuvaseura site.