The Association for Cultural, Scientific and Advocacy Magazines, Kultti ry, has been a central civil society actor in Finland since 1991. Kultti promotes the activities of its member magazines and defends their interests. Kultti informs about current events, provides training and discovers new ways of promoting the distribution of its member magazines.

Kultti organizes seminars, participates in book fairs and festivals together with its member magazines, and monitors research on contemporary cultural and societal trends. The Kultti magazines are not, with a few exceptions, widely known in Finland, and one of the most important goals for Kultti is to find new ways to market and sell them, and not only during special events, but as a part of normal, everyday media commerce. Of course, the subscription circulation is also an important aspect.

Kultti is the largest and most important representative of cultural, small, and independent magazines in Finland. Kultti itself is also quite independent, as it is not a member in any official or public organisation. Kultti is solely a non-profit, non-governmental organisation. However, as the main representative of the cultural magazine field, Kultti can give pronouncements to parliamentary committees or other organs in matters regarding cultural magazines.

One of the most interesting aspects of Kultti’s promotional work is the Quality Magazine of the Year competition held every year. The competition is open for all of the members and the winner is selected by an independent juror.

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